Rules and Regulations of the institute:
Students/Parents/Guardians are requested to note the below mentioned disciplinary rules and the code of conduct for the students.
  • Students must be regular in attendance & punctual for theory and practical classes. In case, the attendance falling short of 75% for each theory and practical, term will not be granted as per MSBTE Rules.
  • The students should complete all the term work such as Journals, Drawing Sheets, Workshop or any other assignment as per schedule of MSBTE.
  • Students and parents should specially note that if the student fails to complete the term work regularly and to the entire satisfaction of the Head of the Department, his/her term will not be granted and will not be allowed to appear for MSBTE examination.
  • Students must carry his/her I-Card with him/her without fail in college campus, He/she shall wear uniforms on every college days. without I-Card and Uniform students will not be allowed to attend class and practical.
  • Mobile usage is stictly prohibited in the premises of the institute as per MSBTE rule.any student found using mobile in the premises then his mobile will be taken away by the authorities and will not be returned
  • Damage to the property of the institute , tempering with fixtures, fittings, equipments,instruments, furniture, books, periodicals, walls, windows, fans, vehicles etc. shall be viewed very seriously and might result in the expulsion of the guilty student/ students.Damages will be recoverd from the students
  • Ragging of students in any form within or outside the institute shall result instant expulsion from the institute as per the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999.
  • The students should note that he/she is responsible to the authorities of the Institute not only for his / her conduct in the premises of the Institute but also for his/her general behaviour outside.
  • Any violation of the rules or an act of indiscipline on part of students shall result in  disciplinary action, leading to dismissal from the institution.
  • Fee Receipts should be preserved of all the three years.
  • Principal has right to amend the existing rules from time to time as per the situation.
  • In case a student requires to remain absent, he/she should obtain prior permission from Principal /HOD in the prescribed form, clearly stating the reason of absence along with supporting documentation.
  • Students are expected to read the notice put up on the notice board of the polytechnic from time to time.


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