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About Department

  • Create an Educational environment in which students are prepared to meet the challenges of modern Industrial society, Research and Entrepreneurship by equipping them with:
    • Upto date Technical Knowledge
    • Analytical and Practical skills
    • A creative and innovative approach to work
  • "To impart the students with valuable knowledge through excellence in teaching, research and creative activities so as to mould them into highly competent and ethical Electronics and Telecommunication engineering technocrats to address the techno-social engineering challenges with innovative solutions"

  • The Department of Electronic & tele comm. engg aims at the synthesis of Science, Engineering and Technological aspects of Electronics. We all know that the ongoing transformation of quality of our lives is due to the recent phenomenal growth in Electronics, Information / Communication Technology and Technological convergence. Many a super-smart electronic gizmo is hitting the market every day which, hitherto, used to appear in Science fiction only. Smaller and more complex electronic devices are replacing the bigger ones. E&TC graduates find wide opportunities in the growing communications era of today.
    This course has been designed by the MSBTE in consultation with senior industrialists in the Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering field. The career paths followed are diverse ranging from electronic product design to heavy electrical plant maintenance, from research to production, from technical focus to customer focus. In addition, the Department also realizes that in today’s frenetically competitive market world, the students need to be confident, organized, multi-skilled and flexible individuals apart from being imparted training in Electronic Science. The students receive training of a different kind through fusion of Science and Engineering skills of Electronics in this Department of a different kind. The department has well qualified and well motivated faculty members and support staff.
    The department has full fledged laboratories catering to the needs of department as well as the institute, with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Electronic & Telecommunication.

    Sr.No. Name of Laboratory No of major Equipment
    1.   Basic electronics   82
    2.   Digital Electronics   64
    3.   Communication engg   49
    4.    Measurment and instrumentation   47
    5.   PCB   2


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