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In the world governed by technology, we at PRPCM, put in our sincere efforts to keep pace with the rising demands of technology. PRPCM stands for excellence, perfection and discipline. Our major focus and our concern is our stundents and our institution strives to impart the best knowledge in the most disciplined manner. Though PRPCM is in its infacy stage, it has already made a mark in the field of management.

At PRPGEI, it is our firm belief that the Education should be complete, must be humane; it must include not only the training of the intellect but also the refinement of the heart and the discipline of the spirit.

A vision without action is but a dream; action without vision is waste of time; but vision with action change our lives. So we have a vision of the edge of excellence in the endowment of teaching and learning process. our focus is on imparting holistic Education, learning and culture to students through intellectual inputs and transformational activity, centered experimental self discovering process to embolden them to assume responsibility, to take charge and act rightly and effectively. I wish that our students will step into the world with great strength, not only to do job but to remain beautiful human beings.


We have a unique Scholastic approach which incorporates.Value based Education and Character building. Panel of Expert councilors..

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We are Hiring

PRPGEI centralized t & p department is committed to provide job opportunities for vidarbha.

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"TECHELONS....Step to pioneer"- Just as energy is the basis of life itself and ideas the source of innovation.

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