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Latest Updates
  • Winner of Basket Ball: Smit Wagh
  • Winner of 4*100m Relay: Sanket Gawande,Pranav Dhabale,Akshay Manohar and Sivam Jibhkale
  • Runner ups in shpt-put and 100m:Pranav Dhabale
  • Javellian: Karan Deshmukh
  • --
  • Sr.No. Branch Name of Topper
    1.   Computer Engineering Final Year:   
  • Akshay Manohar(89.36%)   
  • Vishal Ingale(83.63%)
    2nd Year:   
  • Vishakha Dhote(88.59%)   
  • Jayant Kaned(73.29%)
  • 2.   Civil Engg Final Year:   
  • Saurabh Mahore(84.94%)   
  • Rushikesh Gulhane(82.12%)
    2nd Year:   
  • Poonam Aghale (82.71%)   
  • Amruta Bhonde(80.35%)
    Final Year(1704):   
  • Nitesh Ambadkar(85.77%)   
  • Rushikesh Bhoyar(81.88%)
    2nd Year:   
  • Rupal Shrivas (81.18%)   
  • Kalpesh Kale(75.77%)
  • 3.   Mechanical Eng Final Year:   
  • Shreyas vajir(89.78%)   
  • Rushikesh Burje(86.22%)
    2nd Year:   
  • Shraddha Sherekar(86.63%)   
  • Aditya Joshi(78.38%)
    Final Year(1704):   
  • Vrushabh Dhone(82.00%)   
  • Sanket Yawale(80%)
    2nd Year:   
  • Shubham Wankhade
  • 4.   Electrical Engg Final Year:   
  • Sanket Deshmukh(85.77%)   
  • Shivani Ghongade(85.65%)
    2nd Year:   
  • Kunal Aghade(81.77%)   
  • Shubham Band(81.29%)
  • 5.   Electronics & tele comm Engg Final Year:   
  • Gauri Ikhar(84.33%)   
  • Rushikesh Dabhale(85.65%)
    2nd Year:   
  • Pratik Temble(79.75%)   
  • Harshad Kakade(69.63%)



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