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About Department

  • Dissemination of knowledge by offering world class learning environment.
  • To provide intellectual development by rendering them with moral and ethical knowledge
  • Promotion of sustainable industrialization for development of appropriate technical skill.
  • Contribution for national wealth through innovation.
  • Right to information for all stake holder.
  • "Education to human power for technical excellence and exuberance"

  • Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2009, now deparment has intake capacity of 60 students per year for First Shift and 60 students per year for Second shift. This core sector branch comprises of subjects like Surveying, Irrigation Engineering, Building Construction, Highway Engineering, Estimating & Costing and Design of Steel Structure etc. The department has fully equipped laboratories. The teaching faculty is a judicious blend of youth and experience. The department, through its faculty members, is actively involved in consultancy intercaction with agencies. Department looks after overall development of its students. As a result of these efforts students from the department consistently perform well in academics, sports and other activities. Students participate actively in technical seminars, workshops, sports etc. The department has been pro-active in interaction with the industry to familiarize the students and faculty with the latest technologies and trends.

    Sr.No. Name of Laboratory Major Equipments
    1.   Geotechnical Engineering
  • Direct Shear Test Apparatus   
  • Unconfined Compressor Tester   
  • Unconfined Triaxial Cell   
  • Plate Load Test Apparatus   
  • Swell Test Apparatus   
  • Shimadzu Top Loading Balance   
  • Static Cone Penetrometer   
  • Swelling Pressure Test Equipment   
  • Relative Density Apparatus   
  • Direct Shear Apparatus   
  • Triaxial Test (Electronic)   
  • Field Pressure Meter   
  • Six Gang Consolidation   
  • Digital Top Loading Balance   
  • CBR Mould Set Up
  • 2.   Fluid Mechanics
  • Centrifugal Pump Set.
  • Reciprocating Pump
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Francis Turbine Set
  • Pelton Wheel
  • Hydraulic Tilting Flume
  • Wind Tunnels
  • Impact of JET on Van Apparatus
  • Set Up of Venturimeter & Orificemeter
  • Set Up of Friction Fuctor, Minor Losses & Coeff. Of Notches
  • Bernaulli's Apparatus
  • GEC. Monoblock Pump
  • 3.   Concrete Technology
  • Vibration Machine With Vibration Table
  • Compression Testing Machine
  • Portable Pre stressing Testing Bed
  • Digital Ultrasonic Concrete Tester
  • Proving Rings
  • VEE BEE Consistometer
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Flooring Tiles Flexural/Abrasion Testing machine
  • Air Entrainment Meter
  • 4.   Environmental Engineering
  • Turbidity Meter, Ph Meter, Conductivity Meter, Spectrophotometer & D.O.Meter.
  • BOD Incubator
  • Water Quality Analyser & Portable Analyzer Kit
  • Weighing Scale 1.5 Kg Digital Top Pan Balance
  • Digital Nephelo Turbidity Meter
  • Digital Dissolved Oxy Meter
  • Hot Air Over 18” * 18” * 18”
  • High Volume Sampler
  • Auto Clave
  • JAR Test App. & Muffle Furnace
  • BAGG'S Deformeter
  • Polariscope
  • 5.   Structure & Strength of Material
  • Structure Lab. Apparatus
  • Strain Indicator
  • Field Tracer & Telemicroscope
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • FTM Pendulum Impact Testing M/C
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Extensometer
  • Rotary Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine
  • 6.   Surveying
  • Survey Equipment's (Theodolite Levels etc.)
  • Dumpy Level (Unlike)
  • Engineer’s Precision Level
  • Theodolite Transit
  • Theodolite (With Optical plummet & Rigid Stand)


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